Animal Liberation

It’s the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say you’re mad, then dangerous, then there’s a pause and then you can’t find anyone who disagrees with you.” (Sir Tony Benn)

Hence, the British public insists that the ban on Dr Steve Best was and continues to be unlawful and a violation of (the Human Rights Act) his Human Rights.

Dr Steve Best has delivered outstanding speeches and lectures globally each of which has been in the public’s interest and in the interest of the greater good. The British public have been cheated and social progress set back a decade.

The moral philosopher and political activist Dr Steve Best is a champion of free speech, social justice and animal rights, who has made an important and significant distinction between violence (physical harm) and criminal/property damage. Hence, his unlawful exclusion into the United Kingdom by both the previous and current governments remain unjustified.

Therefore the British public demand the lift of Steve Best’s ban into the United Kingdom of which is well over due. Please register your support here as we get the ball of justice rolling. For without Justice there can be no PEACE.


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